Absentee Procedures

Late to school / Being absent

Key times:

  • School gates open: 8:15am (No children should be on premises before this time)
  • Classrooms open:  8:20am
  • School starts: 8:30am

If your child arrives between 8:30-8:40am- please head straight to the classroom. The teacher will still record the child as being late (L) on the school system.

If your child arrives after 8:40am they will need to come to the office and collect a slip to hand to the class teacher. It is important for your child to do this as the school record needs to change from being absent to being present.

If your child arrives after 10:00am or is away then you will receive a message to indicate your child is absent unless an absentee form has been filled out / recorded.

Absentee forms:

There are 2 options available to inform us of your child being absent.

Skoolbag- please go to the Absentee form on Skoolbag and complete all sections. You will need to complete one for each child for record keeping purposes. No further action required.

Website- Our school website contains an absent form which can be found on the next page.

Please fill out all sections and press send. No further action required.


If your child is absent for longer than two days in a row, their classroom teacher will follow up via phone call or email.

Please notify the teacher for the reason of absence as soon as possible.