P and C Initial Meeting

3:30pm on 25/3/21 to 4:30pm on 25/3/21

It’s happening our P&C is starting , 🎉we will be starting with our first Inaugural General Meeting (this is where the formalities are done and we all get to understand better the roles that need to be filled).

This meeting will take place on the 25th March 2021 @3.30pm in the school library. 

We know most people will need to bring their kids at this time so they are also welcome to sit in the library. 

For this meeting we have a couple of important office bearer roles to be filled -President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. If anyone feels they would be perfect for one of these roles or know someone who is we would love you to come forward to gauge some numbers on who we have ready to fill roles.  I will place some nomination forms into the office for anyone that needs these before the meeting. 

Everyone that comes to the meeting is encouraged to contribute a $1 membership fee to help get the ball rolling. This fee is a simple formality and all members that wish to vote on decisions must be a paid member :) 

Below is a brief description of each of the office roles.


The President is the meeting Chairperson, the public face of the P&C and can be a link between parents and school administration.

Vice President/WACSSO Liaison

The Vice President is the understudy for the President to undertake the President’s duties if they are unable to do so, including chairing meetings when the President is absent or has a conflict of interest.


The Secretary maintains the Association’s records (NOT the financial records). 


The Treasurer maintains the Association’s financial records.